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Mechanical engineering IT Support is here to help. We are located in CB 163. Making an IT support ticket on this website will ensure all IT personnel can assist you. If this is urgent, you may call 801-422-8657 or contact the IT manager, Shawn Ward.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Requests)

Definitions of Common CSR Terminology/Lingo

  • CSR - Computer Support Representative.
  • Computer Imaging - Imaging a computer means to create a clone or "image" of a computer/ This image may already have software and updates installed. We can download that image to any computer in the ME Network (this is sometimes referred to as dropping an image). This is so we can set a fresh new computer within an hour or so, rather than starting from scratch and taking a day or two on each computer.
  • Support Request - We use these requests to keep track of who needs help, where, when, and why. We ask you to make these requests even after you told us about the problem, becuase otherwise it is very difficult to remember who asked for what where, and we don't want to chance forgetting anyone.

Can I get more RAM, a new monitor, or a new computer?

  • ME Computer Support does not fund or provide any new hardware to students. If you are a graduate student, your research advisor is the one who is in charge of buying you any additional hardware that you need to do your research. If your research advisor approves of the hardware upgrades, they can make an order through

How do I remote into my computer from off-campus?

See How do I remote into my computer from off-campus?